The Wonder of Biscoff

Hey readers, ready to indulge? I am so excited to tell you all about this product! It may change your life…

The other evening I had to work late, was a little tired and cranky (thank you PMS), and was looking forward to spending the remainder of the evening in my PJs vegging out. Well, thank you Lotus Bakery for understanding this and becoming my savior. I arrived home to a wonderful package from Biscoff Gourmet, immediately squealed with joy, and dove face first into the box, only to come back out covered in Biscoff spread.

Oh yes, if you are not aware, there is a spread. Have you ever received a pack of Biscoff cookies on a plane? That was the only time I had tried them and immediately fell in love. However, that was quite some time ago and I never saw them in stores so they eventually slipped from my memory. Well, Lotus Bakery, which begin in 1932, is still going strong and if those little, caramelized biscuit cookies weren’t good enough, there’s a new form in town. The company recently launched a spread that is out of this world. The spread is actually a ground up mixture of the Biscoff cookies! Needless to say, I’ve been trying it on everything imaginable and have found that whether you put it on breads, crackers, apples, bananas, waffles (Chris’s fave), a spoon, your finger, cereal, oats, your arm, it’s delicious!

Since the spread is so new, it is limited to only a few retailers at this time. However, I was told that the availability is supposed to increase throughout the year so keep looking for it. In the meantime you can order it online, if you can’t find it in a retailer near you. Go to this link to check it out, along with all the other goodies Lotus Bakery has to offer!

Lucky for you though, I learned to share growing up so I’m going to share the Biscoff love with you! I received a few packs of the Biscoff cookies, so one lucky reader will receive some of the deliciousness! Leave a comment on this post by tomorrow evening to be entered into the drawing. I will announce the winner on Friday so stay tuned. Good luck 🙂


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