A keep full breakfast

Ever eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and find yourself hungry shortly after? This is quite common for me, which is why I typically don’t buy a lot of cereal. When I do, I generally only get about half of the servings out of it that it says on the box. This would have me running back to the store for more cereal fairly often if I ate it on a regular basis and cereal is expensive, so that’s not an appealing option for me. Recently I have found myself in a cereal mood, however, and have been buying it more regularly. One of the reasons why cereal leaves you feeling hungry again 30 minutes after eating it is the lack of protein. Protein keeps you feeling full much longer than carbohydrates. Now, I should clarify that when I’m talking about cereal I’m talking about healthier options that contain whole grains, lots of fiber, and are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. If you’re eating sugary cereals (think of the ones that are marketed mostly to kids), then no wonder you are hungry right after eating it. All you are eating is a ton of sugar, getting a quick buzz, then a quick crash, which steers you in the direction of more simple carbohydrates to continue the vicious cycle. Watch out for added sugars and high fructose corn syrup hiding out even in cereals you think may seem healthy. Check the ingredients list to be sure of what you are getting. Lately I’ve been on a Kashi kick. Their Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax, Go Lean Crisp, and Heart to Heart are among my faves.

I wanted to share with you a trick on how to keep your cereal routine in the morning, but to also make it super filling so you aren’t running around your office a half hour later looking for snacks. To kick up the fullness factor, try adding yogurt to your bowl! Nonfat greek, soy, or other plain yogurts can add more protein to your bowl for only 80-100 more calories. Here’s how it works:

In a bowl, stir together one container of plain yogurt with a half cup of milk (skim, soy, almond, hemp, etc). Once the milk/yogurt mixture is nice and creamy, add your cereal and any fruit toppings you may be using. I actually take it a step further and drizzle a little agave nectar over top of the bowl for a little sweetness. Delicious! It kept me full and satisfied all morning long 😀



Try it out and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “A keep full breakfast

  1. That sounds like a great idea!

    I’ve had the experience that a bowl of steel-cut oatmeal also keeps me full all morning. YMMV, of course. But I wonder if the processed cereals (yes, Kashi is one, even if it’s not full of added sugar) take away some of the oomph. Maybe there’s less fiber in cereal than in unprocessed whole grains? Not sure.

    I’ve been mixing 3 tbl of whole flax seeds in with my yogurt and that seems to help fill me up too. Lots of fiber and Omega-3’s in flax seeds. I use whole ones and let them soak and soften in the yogurt, then chew them up really well. It takes time, but I’m trying not to rush my breakfast anyway and this forces me to slow down. I chew the flax seeds really well because whole flaxseeds just pass right through and ground ones lose their nutrition too quickly.

    Speaking of which, I’m hungry…;-D

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