Warrior smoothies and chocolate barley


The following smoothies were made possible thanks to Sunwarrior! This past week, the company so generously sent me a few samples of their products to try! I really just love receiving packages in the mail. Something about coming home from work and seeing that a box had been delivered makes me turn into a five year old on Christmas morning 🙂

The samples from Sunwarrior included their Ormus Supergreens and the Activated Barley. This might not sound like the most exciting present to some of you, but if you’re a frequent reader, you know I like greens and grains, and that I like putting those items into huge smoothies! Having been a fan of the Amazing Grass products, I was pretty pumped to try out Sunwarrior’s.

I resisted the urge to whip up a smoothie right then and there and decided it would be perfect, post workout, in the morning.


I was right! I skipped the spinach and other goodies I generally put in my green smoothies and opted for the packet of Sunwarrior Supergreens. Into the blender it went, along with a frozen banana, frozen pineapple, almond milk, and ice. So delicious! Honestly! Combined with the sweetness of fruit, and made creamy with almond milk, you had just a slight earthiness from the Supergreens that turned out to be quite refreshing. Plus check out all the healthy goodness you are getting!

Cultured Alfalfa Leaf Powder 54 mg
Alfalfa Leaf Juice Powder 91 mg
Cultured Wheat Grass Powder 27 mg
Wheat Grass Juice Powder 50 mg
Cultured Barley Grass Powder 27 mg
Barley Grass Juice Powder 50 mg
Cultured Oat Grass Powder 14 mg
Oat Grass Juice Powder 14 mg
Pepper Mint Plant Powder 49 mg
Spinach Powder 29 mg
Parsley Powder 14 mg
Stevia Leaf Powder 25 mg
Yucca Plant Powder 10 mg

Now you are probably wondering about the chocolate barley that was mentioned…

Well this morning I was craving a cold, creamy, chocolatey smoothie after my 30-minute no weight workout. Being Friday and having run out of spinach and other green smoothie making items, I seized the opportunity to try out the Sunwarrior Activated Barley! Activated barley supports the immune system, is very low on the glycemic index, lowers cholesterol, and is a slow digesting carb, which will provide you with sustained energy for hours. Sounds great for a morning smoothie to power me through my morning. I tossed the contents of the packet into the blender with a frozen banana, cocoa powder, almond milk, and a tiny bit of sweetener. Spinach would have been a great addition as well, but it was creamy and delicious anyway!




I have to admit, I have felt energized all morning long! Thanks Sunwarrior!!


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