All about balance

When stress starts to pile up and days become overwhelming, what do you turn to in order to bring a little serenity back into your life? We all have our own stress management techniques and I’m very interested in hearing what some of yours may be. For more info on the importance of stress management, you can check out another post I did in the past.

For me, chocolate is generally involved in the de-stressing process. However, I’m all about trying to find balance during unsettled times, so many of these have been slurped down as well.
Green Juice

Cool and refreshing, and it makes me feel a little better about chowing down on froyo and chocolate covered espresso beans 🙂

At least it’s the weekend though! I have a little work and a little traveling planned (again) for the weekend. We are in the midst of a hectic time where there has not been, and there isn’t, a free weekend in sight. Tomorrow’s travels will take me to Cleveland to see my family, which is long overdue. Yay for a little family time!

As far as workouts go, I’ve been lacking a bit of energy this week, however, I know that not working out will only lead to me being more stressed so I’ve been keeping to quickie workouts. Half hour walks with the pup, 15-30 minute circuits, and yoga have all taken place this week. Breaking a sweat definitely helps me clear my head, so even 15 minutes gets the job done.

Focusing my energy on something/someone else also helps to take the edge off. Most of the time, it’s this character that can bring a little sunshine into my day.

I’m sure he has no qualms with the extra attention either 😉 Yesterday, I took him for a car ride and we ended up sitting outside enjoying one of these:

An all-natural frozen treat created out of pureed fruits and a hint of peanut butter. He was in heaven, and I was relaxed 🙂

Happy Saturday everyone!


2 thoughts on “All about balance

    • I just read your post! I agree with journaling, but like you I usually quit after a day or two. I definitely need to start doing this again and make a point to write out my thoughts on a more regular basis. Thanks for commenting and hope you enjoy some of the veggie recipes too! 🙂

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