Showers and Sugar

Another day, another bridal shower…

Just kidding, but it does seem like everyone I know is getting married lately. This shower was for my cousin who is actually having a beach wedding next month! The decor was so cute and creative. Kudos to the bridesmaids who created the beach themed luncheon. From blow up pools for drinks, palm trees, leis, and sangria, they had it all. The party favors were little boxes of “sand”, which was actually graham cracker crumbs, and shell-shaped chocolates. Adorable!

That little plate of Mike ‘n Ikes was eaten entirely by me over the three hour period that I was there. I haven’t had those things in forever!

I’ve mentioned in the past couple previous posts about the stress that I’ve been dealing with lately. Due to that stress, I’ve been too quick to give into cravings for sweets. The desserts at the shower definitely played into that. Aside from the gazillion Mike ‘n Ikes that were consumed, a few other treats were taken down..

Now that I’m definitely back on the sugar train, I’m craving it even more. Funny how a few sweet treats can send me into a full-blown sugar addiction.

Since this is not a train I want to stay on due to the side effects (lethargy, foggy head, unmotivated), I want to nip this habit in the bud. I’ve decided that I’m going to begin setting personal goals to work on each week. Every Sunday I will be setting a goal to work on throughout the upcoming week and then will reflect on it during my Saturday post. Feel free to play along and set goals of your own!

I think this week’s goal goes without saying…..I need to cut back on the sweets. I want the only sugar I consume to come from natural sources (fruits, honey, agave, pure maple syrup). Therefore, the processed, sugary crap needs to go. It doesn’t help that I recently discovered these….

..and now have a full package of them in my cupboard. I don’t even like store bought cookies, but these are A-mazing! I definitely will be testing my will power, however, I’m sure Chris won’t mind having them all to himself now 😉

Here goes nothing. Wish me luck!

What are some of your personal or health goals that you are working on?


2 thoughts on “Showers and Sugar

  1. My current health goal? To get over my constant cravings of simple/refined carbs. I WANT THEM SO MUCH. Cheezy poofs are my downfall, especially now that I’ve found multi-grain brands without artificial colors or flavors. ACK. I’m not trying to cut them completely out of my life. Yet. But I might have to, just to get over the cravings. GRRR.

    You’ve got a lot of friends getting married? Do any of them want fabulous eco-friendly wedding dresses made just for them by a woman-owned USA-based small business? (no sweatshops…) I’m working on new designs even as I type this (!) and I hope to really wow folks with all the pretty pretty dresses!


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