A yoga kind of day

Even though it has felt good to get back on the workout train this week, I opted for something light and relaxing this morning versus a heart pumping, sweat-inducing workout. Generally, I try to make yoga appear in my workout routine once a week, and for the most part, I let my body tell me when that day will be.

Upon waking this morning I knew that today was a yoga kind of day. Feeling tired and still slightly sore in my legs, I leashed up the pup and we went for a walk. After a half hour we returned and I unrolled my mat for a quick 28 minute session with Rodney Yee.

Has anyone tried any of his yoga workouts? I really like them and often turn to his 28 minute Power Yoga for Flexibility or his 28 minute Power Yoga for Strength when I’m needing a little quiet time on my mat. This morning I wanted to stretch my sore muscles so Yoga for Flexibility was called in.

Perfect start to the day 🙂 Sometimes taking the time to stretch and breathe is just as important as breaking a sweat.

I’m writing this as I eat dinner right now and had to tell you guys about the randomness that ensued when making my meal tonight. It took me back to my single days…

Yes, that is a peanut butter, Tofurky, and blueberry sandwich. Weird, I know. Chris is having dinner with people he works with tonight, which means I only have to cook for one! This usually means that little effort goes into the meal. Being indecisive between two simple dinners of either a Tofurky sandwich or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I decided to combine the two. Only instead of jelly, I mashed blueberries on one side of the bread. I actually rarely use jelly anymore and prefer the taste of real fruit with my PB. How was it, you are wondering? Not too shabby actually.

I figured I needed to balance it out with some veggies, so roasted cauliflower made an appearance.

Easy dinner means easy cleanup, which makes me a happy girl 😀

I’m off to get a few things done around the house before curling up on the couch with my current book. Has anyone else read Inside of a Dog?

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