A Sunwarrior Morning


It’s taking everything I have to type this post. My arms are so dead from the Title Boxing class I just took. I tried out the kickboxing class tonight, which I found very similar to the regular boxing class, and I can now barely lift my arms. Let’s just say, I’m having a love/hate relationship with Title right now. Mostly love, but I’m exhausted!

This morning it was another smoothie morning thanks to Sunwarrior. I was worried that I had jumped into the protein samples with the best one first (chocolate) and that the others would possibly disappoint. However, upon opening the package I smelled the sweet vanilla scent and knew that it had promise. I have to say that the Sunwarrior protein powder definitely blends well, and even though I haven’t tried it on it’s own mixed with water, it has proven to be a great addition to my smoothies.

I was, unfortunately, out of spinach this morning so my breakfast was lacking it’s green color. This smoothie definitely did not disappoint though. I tossed the vanilla protein powder into the blender with a frozen banana and a cup of almond milk. After it was well blended, I also added in a few ice cubes. The result was a thick, creamy vanilla shake! Since the finished product did come out quite thick, which I appreciate, I decided to opt out of drinking it and go with the smoothie bowl method. It was sweet without being high in sugar (only 1 gram!) and completely satisfying. The 25 grams of protein kept me full for hours, which made it easy to whip through a long to-do list at work this morning.

Look at those stats!

Smooth and creamy 🙂

Of course, since it was in a bowl I had to toss a handful of kashi on top..


Mmmm…..now I want to go make another smoothie….


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