As I watched Cooper play in the park yesterday, I realized we can learn as much from dogs as they can from us. Their carefree nature, the ability to love unconditionally, to not hold grudges, savor treats without guilt, and their curiosity and openness to explore and discover new things, are all things I’m sure we can improve upon in our own lives. When was the last time you, literally, stopped to smell the roses?

Or introduced yourself to someone new?


Ran with a smile on your face?

Or let yourself take the needed time to rest?

We all have extremely busy lives. In fact, I often find myself going through the motions day in and day out, not realizing that life is just whizzing by. My goal this past week was to incorporate more yoga into my routine. Not only for stress relief, but also to force myself to slow down. You know what? I failed at doing so. I didn’t slow down, I didn’t add more yoga sessions, and, like usual, the week passed by in a flash.

My goal for this upcoming week is to continue to work on this. To try to take more time for relaxing, relieving stress, and enjoying the present moment.

“We cannot teach the art of living unless we set an example.”

What are some of your goals you are working on?


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