Just Keep Swimming

I reminded myself of this mantra from Finding Nemo today, as I am dealing with a serious case of the Mondays. After working all through the weekend, I’m plugging along today and hearing Dory’s voice in my head,

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..”

I may have worked all weekend, but the Health and Fitness Expo was a success. There were so many great vendors there and I had a great time meeting new people and helping out the Title Boxing Club peeps during their presentation. Yeah, the gloves went on and I may have thrown a few punches 😉

The highlight from the weekend though?

Being serenaded by Richard Simmons! I’m still laughing about this happening. Richard was at the expo doing his usual dance workouts and the crowd was loving it. However, as he was leaving the stage, with the crowd following him through the expo, he randomly stopped, grabbed my hand, and yes, sang to me. I’m sure B.O.B. would have been impressed with his rendition of Nothin’ On You.

So today didn’t really stand a chance. Monday or not, it’s hard to top the events of yesterday.

Tiredness and laziness overcame me last night, which also meant I ended up giving into sugary/junk foods. After putting myself into a chocolate coma, I awoke needing a sweat session and some green juice. Both were had, as I turned to Shaun T and his Pure Cardio Insanity workout to get my butt moving. This workout leaves me sweating for a least an hour post-workout. Showers don’t work. I’m hoping people take it as I’m “glowing” while I’m at work, rather than still feeling like a ball of sweat 😉

Ready to finish out the Monday! See you all tomorrow!


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