Shorter Days

I remember a time when the coming of Fall left me with a sense of renewal. Anxiety and excitement filled the air as everyone began to ready themselves for the school year ahead. It was a time of new beginnings and my motivation soared. However, as I have gotten older, I no longer get that feeling and, instead, I’m left with feeling a little less motivated and excited. Yesterday it hit me as I awoke to take Cooper for a walk, only for it to still not be fully light out by 6:30am. I then rushed home from work to enjoy the beautiful, cool weather we were having yesterday, only to find that by the time I reached my house it was already becoming dark at 8:30pm.

As the days become shorter, it becomes harder for me to stick with my regular routine. Motivation to work out drops exponentially and I find myself feeling pretty lethargic. Okay, I know I shouldn’t discount Summer yet. I mean, we still have a month of it left, however, when my alarm goes off at its normal time and it’s still dark outside, it makes it extremely hard to pull myself out of bed.

Must summon motivation!

Walking Cooper is one thing, I know he depends on me for exercise, and without our walks he wouldn’t get any, so this helps to at least get me out of the house for a walk. However, if you read my blog regularly and think that I work out on a perfectly, consistent basis, you are wrong. I deal with the same issues that you probably face sometimes when it comes to working out. Lacking time, energy, and motivation to work out is something you are not alone on.

Let’s help motivate each other! Anyone want to be my workout buddy? I’m planning on working out later today, who’s with me??

One thought on “Shorter Days

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