Free Day

Guess who has the day off? That’s right, this girl does πŸ™‚

Alarm? What alarm?

I am taking full advantage of my free day too. It has been so long since I have slept in. Chris’s alarm went off and I continued to stay in bed until 9am! Success!

After being kept awake during the night by a nasty storm, it felt good to be able to get some extra snooze time. Since I ended up walking Cooper much later this morning than usual, I thought I would be able to get away with not having to be on poo duty. Unfortunately, he still saved it for the walk. This is something new that he has started and I have to say, I don’t appreciate it 😦 Picking up dog poo, hand covered by a bag or not, is not a fantastic way to begin the day every morning.

Poo aside, today is going to be a glorious day. It’s amazing how much my mood is lifted by knowing that I have the entire day to myself πŸ™‚ I have treats in store, a smoothie bowl made, and a spinning class scheduled. Oh, and I’m currently blogging from my lounge chair in the sunshine. Man I wish these days came more often. Time to savor this one while I have it!

Smoothie bowl topped with granola and cereal πŸ™‚


Lunch at Whole Foods πŸ™‚

Frozen kefir πŸ™‚ You seriously have to try this!!

Chocolate granola…oh yes πŸ™‚

I’m also in the process of reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It has a lot of great lessons about living the life you want and fulfilling your dreams. I’m just over halfway through and as soon as I return my copy to the library, I will be purchasing my own to refer to from time to time. Here’s an excerpt that I will leave you with:

“The mind is like a fertile garden and for it to flourish, you must nurture it daily. Never let the weeds of impure thought and action take the garden of your mind. Stand guard at the gateway of your mind. Keep it healthy and strong – it will work miracles in your life if you will only let it.”


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