Lower Body

Good Morning!

Recently the weather in the morning has been perfect. Mild temperatures with cool breezes make my morning walks with the pup so much more enjoyable. Actually, it makes me miss running a little bit. Taking a break from running for a few months forced me to try new workouts and break out of my “must run for cardio” rut. So, as much as I (and my body) have enjoyed the time off, there’s something about getting up and going for an early morning run, when the weather is cool and the sun is just coming up. It feels good to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. I do experience this while walking, but it’s not always the same.

After talking to a friend, who is a podiatrist, he let me know that a big part of my knee issues were most likely due to the shoes I was wearing. This completely makes sense because while running in Asics I have never had problems, and even ran a half marathon. However, as soon as I started running in Nike Frees I began to feel pain in my knee. The impact was just too much, and trying to force it out of frustration didn’t help. So, a few days ago I picked up some new kicks. I know I have never had a problem with Asics or Brooks so I decided to stay with the brands I could trust. After trying on a few pairs, Brooks won out and I ended up with a pair of these:

My plan is not to go back to running all the time, but I just want to have the option on a morning like today, when the air is crisp and cool (and when my upper body is too sore to do other workouts). Even after not getting much sleep last night (I had a case of insomnia apparently), I woke up ready to hit the pavement in my new Brooks. Not wanting to push it, I kept the run short at 1.5 miles. It felt good to get out again, free my mind, and take a nice jog around the park. Such a beautiful morning 🙂 And, upon first trial, no pain!

The soreness factor also played into my choice of a run this morning. I woke up with my arms not wanting to experience much exertion after my TGM class yesterday. So I knew if I was going to workout, it was going to be a lower body day. After finishing my quick run, I returned home to complete a quickie workout. In just 15 minutes I achieved a leg, ab, and cardio burn. Yep, just 15 minutes!

15-minute Ab and Leg Workout

1.5 mile run
35 Jumping Jacks
12 Alternating Burpees (I did these without the push up to go easy on my arms. Don’t forget the jump at the end! Alternate between normal straight plank burpee and kicking legs to right and left sides during plank position)
20 Sumo Squats with side leg lifts
35 Jumping Jacks
12 Alternating Burpees
20 Reverse Lunges with front kick
35 Jumping Jacks
12 Alternating Burpees
20 Sumo Squats with side leg lifts
35 Jumping Jacks
12 Alternating Burpees
20 Jump Lunges
35 Jumping Jacks
12 Alternating Burpees
20 V-ups
20 Reptile Planks
Lying Bicycles (20 slow, 20 fast)
Cool down and stretch

Try it out and let me know what you think!

Off to enjoy the rest of the morning at the dog park, then one of my best friends is coming into town to visit for the weekend 😀


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