Milestone 229 Review

So, this is coming in a little late, but I’ve been busy. So, please excuse my brief absence.

Columbus has been recently developing what is now called the Scioto Mile. With COSI, parks, the outdoor ampitheater, and now restaurants, it’s proving to be quite an appealing hangout. With company in town this past weekend, we had the perfect excuse to head downtown and check it out. I had been hearing rave reviews about the restaurant, Milestone 229, and was excited to check it out. Also, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for enjoying quality time with friends on an outdoor patio.

As we parked and walked up the street, I immediately noticed the building. Milestone 229’s iconic architectural design is one you can’t miss, nor would you want to. The interior of the restaurant is very neatly decorated with a very urban-modern feel, but I have to say, if you can sit outside on the patio, it will definitely be worth it. I honestly didn’t feel like I was in Columbus. Not only will you enjoy a magnificent view of the city skyline, but the open patio and bar, will make you think you are on the rooftop in a far off, posh city. The fountains beside the restaurant will bring you back down to ground level, which offer a lighted display in the evening. If sitting inside is a must, then it’s still worth the trip. The glass-enclosed restaurant will not disappoint, as you will still be able to enjoy the scenery of the city while you enjoy your meal indoors.

Now let’s get to the food. First off, the selection of cocktails is quite impressive. With a variety of beers on tap, hand muddled mojitos and martinis, and a decent wine selection, it was hard to choose which to try. I have since found out that the restaurant is being run by the owners of Columbus Brewing Co., so that may explain the plethora of beverage options. The rest of my party decided to try a few of their summery cocktails, such as the black and blue mojito, the strawberry and basil gimlet, and the island refresher. All were given two thumbs up. I, on the other hand, decided to keep things simple and enjoyed a refreshing glass of sauvignon blanc, which definitely hit the spot.

As we sipped our drinks, we also shared an order of calamari. It was brought to us with one of the best calamari presentations I have ever seen.

Another pre-lunch app that was enjoyed, by the guys only I might add, was the glazed pork belly. Chris liked this so much that he almost ordered another one to-go. Not to dissuade anyone (because the guys honestly did like it), but I thought it looked a little like meat jello. Enough said.

Since we were there for lunch, I wanted to keep things light and ended up ordering the 229 House Salad. The salad contained mixed greens, roasted red peppers, orange segments, citrus vinaigrette, goat cheese and artisan sourdough croutons. I’m sold on anything with goat cheese 🙂 It was definitely a light portion, which was fine with me because as I was ordering I spotted another table being delivered something that I wanted. Sweet potato fries! These were some of the best sweet potato fries that I’ve every had. Definitely get them! Everyone enjoyed their meals and I spotted so many other things that I can’t wait to try. I will definitely be returning to Milestone 229 and recommend that you check it out as well. If you live in town, it will give you a different perspective of the city that you’ve come to know so well. If you’re visiting, then it will banish all your pre-conceived thoughts on city life in Ohio 😉


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