Sweaty Day

Wow, blogging fail this week, right?

No excuses, I have flat out just been a lazy pants. In an attempt to get my act together, I woke up super early this morning (I have gotten myself into the habit of sleeping in and forgoing my morning workouts this week), and headed downstairs for a training session with Shaun T. Insanity = well…..insanity. The Pure Cardio has been my go-to Insanity workout when I do choose to do one of the videos. It’s quick, but intense. This morning I found it to be extra challenging since I haven’t exerted myself at all this week. In fact, I wasn’t able to cool down quickly after the workout. I stretched, took a cold shower, and still continued to sweat throughout the morning. Anyone else experience this after workouts? There’s nothing worse than trying to blow dry my hair, put makeup on, and get ready for work while having to continuously wipe sweat from my face. I mean, what good did the shower do??

Aside from the constant sweating from my early morning workout, it’s also around 100F here and humid. The type of heat that causes more perspiration upon stepping foot outside. The type of heat that makes me extremely grateful for air conditioning…..and smoothies 🙂

There’s nothing more I wanted this morning, other than extra strength deodorant, than an ice cold smoothie. This one consisted of some of the usual – vanilla protein powder, frozen banana, almond milk, spinach, chia seeds, and ice. Not that it stopped the sweating…but it helped.

Another obsession lately?


Tofu scrambles. I love them. Tofu takes on the taste of whatever you cook it/season it with so it is so versatile, which leaves you with so many options.

Time to go finish out the work day. Have a great day to those who will be enjoying a three day weekend. I’ll, unfortunately, be working. However, tomorrow is the opening game for the Buckeyes. O-H-I-O!! 😀


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