Improvised Breakfast

Initially I planned on my post yesterday being combined with a few other topics, however, I decided maybe it warranted its own space.  After speaking with a few friends, it seems like going through our 20s leaves us with feelings of uncertainty, not knowing where the future will take us. With the way the job market is right now, it’s common to feel stuck or like you’re doing something wrong.

However, continue to follow your true passion in life and things will work out. (At least I hope so because that’s what I keep telling myself)

Okay, onwards!

Let’s get to the food talk. Yesterday after my walk with Cooper, I returned home ready for breakfast. However, I haven’t had time to grocery shop so my selection was slim. I knew I wanted to get some form of protein in with the meal because it keeps me fuller a little longer than a carb-heavy meal does. I forgot to prep another batch of protein overnight oats, however, I was also out of almond milk. I had close to a serving left of cereal, however, again, I was out of almond milk. So, after scouring the kitchen for a while, I decided to improvise.

Within a few short minutes I was enjoying this delicious meal!

protein cereal

It may look like I have milk in the cup, but let me explain. I actually ended up throwing a scoop of vanilla protein powder, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a little water and ice into a blender. After giving it a little whir, I had a creamy mixture to pour over my cereal. Hello, high protein cereal.

See what a little creativity can do? This fiber and protein-filled breakfast kept me full for hours. I’ve also noticed that I mostly post breakfasts on here. I’ll work on that and try to get you some more lunch and dinner recipes soon!

For now, I’m off to a very busy day….


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