This morning’s workout was all about legs. Typically, I aim for three strength training days per week. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t consistent. I create, and recreate, workouts all the time to keep things new and exciting. (yes, I just referred to working out as exciting) I have learned in the past that I become bored easily with a workout if I do it too much. This is natural, and not only are you becoming bored with the same workout, but your muscles will too. It’s important to change up your workouts to continuing shocking your muscles and challenging them in new ways.

I decided this week that I was going to split up my strength training and focus on lower body today, upper body on my next session, and complete a total body workout on my third strength training day. I was also a little more crunched for time today so I needed something quick, but effective. I remembered my lower body workout from before so I referred to that, keeping most of it the same, but throwing a couple other moves in just to mix it up a bit. You can check out the workout here and below are my add-ons.

I eliminated the first set of sumo squats and instead added in 35 normal squats while holding two 10lb dumbbells. After going through the jumping jacks and burpees, I then completed a set of one-legged lunge squats, 15 reps each leg. To complete this exercise, stand on right foot with left foot resting on a chair behind you. Make sure you are far enough away from the chair that when you squat down your knee doesn’t go past your toes. Complete reps and switch legs.

These were the only changes I made to the Lower Body Workout. After completing these exercises, continue on with the remainder of the workout. As always, make sure you cool down and stretch afterwards to help prevent muscle stiffness.

After a good workout, I had something else to look forward to this morning….

A free drink from Starbucks!! I recently received a coupon in the mail for a FREE birthday (tomorrow!) drink. So I didn’t waste any time picking it up and you better believe I took full advantage of having the opportunity to get any drink I wanted for free. Can we say pumpkin spice latte? Oh yeah.

In other workout related news, get ready for an upcoming burpee challenge. Yeah, the exercise we love to hate and sometimes hate to love. It’s happening. It may even be my video blog debut. Exciting stuff here people 😉

Catch ya later!


3 thoughts on “Legs

  1. love the look of your workout 🙂 how long did it take for you to be able to do the one legged squats? I’ve been practising them for quite some time, but just can’t seem to master them!!

    • I agree! Why are one-legged squats sooo much harder? Right now, I use a chair for assistance. I stand on one leg and balance the top of my foot on a chair behind me. It definitely helps, but you still get a crazy burn in your legs!

  2. tried the chair, definitely works 🙂 as you said my legs still got a crazy burn, felt like jelly for some time afterwards! thanks or the tip!

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