Basi Italia Review and Curing Birthday Hangovers

Let’s start with Basi Italia, shall we?

A quaint and cozy restaurant, tucked away in Victorian Village. Basi Italia, offers a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. The restaurant specializes in Italian and Mediterranean fare, which will have you salivating at the aroma of your meal being prepared in the kitchen nearby. With friendly wait staff, Basi Italia offers superb service whether you are dining inside the restaurant or out on the terrace.

Chris and I dined indoors due to the weather, however, as much as I love sitting outside at restaurants, I loved the warm cozy feel of the inside dining room. Warm being a description of the ambiance, not temperature , as it was quite chilly inside with the air conditioning. The wine, however, seemed to help with that 😉

Hello, 28-year-old me!

Basi Italia changes their menu with the seasons to offer up the freshest, local produce and ingredients. Upon first glance, I found every option to sound enticing and knew I would have trouble deciding. Priorities first, we started with the drink menu. Naturally, I chose to begin the evening with a glass of champagne. It was dry, crisp, and the perfect celebratory drink to have pre-dinner. Along with our bubbly, we chose to share the grilled endive starter plate. Grilled endive leaves were paired with a brie(ish) cheese (I actually forget what specific type of cheese it was) and a grilled peach. The drizzling of olive oil and balsamic added the perfect finishing touch to our first course.

(Bad picture of the gnocchi dish)
As our entrees, I couldn’t resist the gnocchi, which was made fresh, and to perfection, and paired with roasted tomatoes, corn, and mushrooms. A light pesto sauce drizzled around the dish offered wonderful flavor, but didn’t overpower the taste of the fresh taste of the main ingredients. Chris went with the special, which was pork cheeks, paired with mashed potatoes. Something that sounds so simple, but was cooked to perfection. Even as a vegetarian, I was impressed with how the meat fell apart easily as you stuck your fork into it. Needless to say, both of us nearly licked our plates clean.

As delicious as the desserts looked, we opted out of ordering because we knew there was plenty of birthday cake waiting for us at home 🙂

My birthday was so wonderful, and after putting myself into a birthday cake coma, I crashed into bed for the night.

Before going to bed last night, I knew that I would probably wake up with a birthday hangover this morning. Not from drinking too much, but from the sugar consumption. Without fail, I woke up feeling groggy and tired. As hard as it was, I knew I had to drag myself out of bed and work out. My motivation was pretty low, but I knew forcing myself to complete a sweat-inducing workout would be the best thing for me. So, after running 2.5 miles on the treadmill, I hopped off, grabbed my weights, and completed a quick upper body workout.

I chose to do three supersets and go through them two times. Here’s the breakdown:
Superset 1:
One-legged balance bicep curls
One-legged balance shoulder press
Superset 2:
Push ups
Triceps dips on exercise ball
Superset 3:
T- balance rows
Swimmer’s press

I ended the workout with a little ab work action. A set of 20 reps each of plank twists, v-ups, and prone plank jackknife (I don’t know, sometimes I make up names for exercises) were completed.

Following my workout, I chugged down a lot of green juice to refuel and get my body some much needed nutrients. One positive (always finding the silver lining) about my birthday falling in the middle of the week is that I had to go back to work today. This provided me with the necessary structure to stick to a healthier eating schedule. This is not to say that I won’t go home and have some more cake tonight, but at least I have a little more balance today 😉

Now that this post is extremely long and you are probably tired of hearing me babble on, I’m taking off to go finish out the workday. Catch ya later!


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