Turning 28

Like I said in my previous birthday post, I had a lot of anxiety leading up to my 28th birthday. Allow me to explain..

Normally, birthdays are so exciting to me. Whether they are mine or someone else’s, I become stoked to celebrate the special day. This year, however, I was not looking forward to the arrival of my birthday. As I become older, I continue to re-evaluate where I am in life each year. In the previous years it hasn’t caused me any grief. After all, things were going along pretty “normally” in the sense of following the natural progression of life. Go to college, get that first job out of college, move out of parents’ house, date, have fun, etc, etc. However, now, things are much different. When I view my life at 28-years-old, I’m far from thrilled. I haven’t continued to progress and have found myself stuck in the same spot I was in three years ago. I’m still trying to find a career, figure out what I want to do in life, I’m unmarried, and feel as if I’m not on a path to reach any of these milestones. Yes, I realize 28 isn’t old and that I have time to figure all this out (this is what I keep hearing from people) and I’ve never been one to have a timeline for my life, but I still thought things would be different…that I would be different.

Being in my late 20s now and inching closer to 30, has me feeling like I should be more “settled” in life. Maybe it’s that I’m a female and am starting to feel the societal pressure to start a family or maybe it’s that I am not living up to my own expectations. Whatever the reason, I’ve been a stress ball lately.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my birthday was fantastic and I greatly enjoyed every minute of the day, but I can’t help but to have a little bit of the birthday blues.

Has anyone else had a birthday or event in their life that has brought about these feelings?


2 thoughts on “Turning 28

  1. I just turned 28 a couple months ago, and I must admit that I had the exact same feelings that you described. Knowing that 30 is right around the corner, it feels like the clock is ticking for me to do something more with my life. Or at least be more settled. But like you said, 28 really isn’t that old and there still is time to figure it out. Anyways, great post and hopefully neither of us will feel the same anxiety when number 29 rolls around.

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