Tips on how to workout in the morning

I’m commonly asked the question on how I summon motivation early in the morning to work out. I also hear people saying that they normally can’t wake up early enough or don’t have time to do their workout in the A.M. I will say that it’s not as easy as it seems. If you know me, you know that this is something I struggle with too, especially during the cooler months, which are well on their way here.

The key, first and foremost, is to plan ahead. I can’t stress this enough. If you set your alarm and wake up without a plan of attack for your workout that day, you will most likely roll back over and say forget it. Below are a few other tips I have for getting that workout done at the start of the day.

1.Plan ahead. Like I stated before, I feel this is highly important to achieving your goals and staying committed. Whether this means writing down your workout schedule for the week ahead, or planning the night before, the chances you will exercise without a plan is slim.

2.Set your clothes out the night before. This is something else that has helped me over the years. I lay out my workout attire next to my bed so when I wake up in the morning, I can literally roll out of bed, grab my clothes and get to it. I find that the less amount of time between getting out of bed and starting my workout, the better. This leaves less time to talk yourself out of it or come up with excuses.

3.Commit to it. Write it into your schedule and stick to it just like you would a doctor’s appointment or work meeting. Once it becomes a part of your normal daily schedule, it will become much easier to stick to your workouts. This goes along with planning ahead though. Make an appointment with yourself, to better yourself, and to reach your goals.

4.Shake off the doubts. There will definitely be days where it won’t be easy to pull yourself out of bed. I have days where it seems that as soon as my alarm sounds, I immediately have a thousand excuses rushing into my mind. Shake them off. You can do it, and will feel better if you do. Besides, you’re already awake, you might as well just get up, right?

5.Keep variety. If you do the same workout over and over, you eventually will get bored and stop. To avoid this, make sure you are switching up your workouts every couple of weeks; or every week if needed. I never have two weeks in a row that contain the same workout pattern. I like variety and get bored very easily. So check out a few fitness websites for ideas, try a few of my workouts, or take a new class to keep things exciting. This will also help you to continue to challenge your body in new ways, and will return better results.

6. Know when to rest. As important as it is to stick to a consistent plan, it’s also important to get the rest your body needs to recover and grow stronger. Give yourself one to two days of rest each week.

Good luck with your workouts!

Are you a morning or evening workout kind of person?