Weekend Breakfasts


So, we’re playing the heat game in our household. When this time of year roles around, we try to hold out as long as possible before turning on the heat. However, if it continues to stay between 40F-50F degrees, I’m not going to last long. Our thermostat currently reads 61F in our house! But seriously, it’s only October 2nd!

Needless to say, hibernation mode has begun…

This is the first weekend in a while that I haven’t been working, so I intended to take full advantage of being able to sleep in and enjoy delicious breakfasts, while curled up under a blanket of course 🙂

Saturday began with blueberry protein pancakes. I received a few samples of protein pancake mix, which I’m pretty sure is just normal boxed pancake mix with protein powder mixed in. However, they have been delicious nonetheless. Yesterday, I decided to add a few additional ingredients to the mix in order to add a little more nutritional value. I decided to add oats, cinnamon, and blueberries, so I was then enjoying fiber and protein- filled pancakes with an antioxidant punch from the blueberries. As for the cinnamon, well, that’s self-explanatory. Who doesn’t like cinnamon in their pancakes?

Fig butter and pure maple syrup completed the meal perfectly. Indulgent-feeling pancakes that you can feel good about eating 🙂

When Sunday came along, things were a bit different. I did something I honestly thought I would never do. I enjoyed something that I haven’t had in years.

I went into a doughnut shop.

We have lived less than a mile away from this place and have yet to try it out. Surprisingly, because Chris absolutely loves doughnuts. So, today we felt in the mood (not sure where my doughnut craving came from) for a little sweetness for breakfast.

It reminded me of my childhood when my mom would go pick up doughnuts every Saturday morning for a weekly treat. Buckeye Donuts didn’t disappoint either. I can’t believe it took us so long to go in there. Their doughnuts are so fresh and the options seemed endless. A little mom and pop type shop that provided us with a delicious sugar high this morning 🙂

Honestly, the doughnuts were great, but so, so sweet. I ate about 3/4 of the cream-filled one and 1/3 of the glazed and had to stop. Hello, sugar coma.

Now, I want to revisit my post yesterday about my new yoga goal for this month.

My original thought was to try to do yoga every single day for one month, however, I don’t want to set myself up for failure and know that it’s probably not realistic. I actually began one day early and took my first yoga class on Sept. 30th. I’ve signed up at a studio that offers power yoga accompanied by heat. I love it and anyone who thinks they can’t get a great workout from yoga is completely wrong. I have been so sore for the past two days! Mostly in my hamstrings. So yesterday I decided to take it easy with my workout consisting of 30 minutes of walking and 30 minutes of Power Yoga for Flexibility. The stretching definitely helped and today my hamstrings feel much better.

As I know that planning on everyday yoga is unrealistic, I am going to try to do it on most days between at-home videos and classes. I don’t want to cheat myself out of the mental benefits of yoga, so consistency will be key.

I look forward to taking another class this evening! Until then I’ll most likely be taking a cue from this smart character. Stay in the sunny spots and the coldness isn’t so bad 😉