Beating the soreness workout

Surprisingly, after all the sun salutations yesterday, I wasn’t as sore as I expected I would be. My legs felt tight, but overall the main thing I was fighting during my workout this morning was tiredness. When my alarm went off, I swore it was a mistake. After a few choice words as I turned off the annoying buzz, I stumbled out of bed and headed downstairs for a quickie (workout, that is 😉 ).

I decided to stick with a workout that would hopefully loosen up the tightness in my legs and also work the select muscles that weren’t feeling a little weak from yesterday’s yoga session. Here’s what it ended up looking like:

-Warm Up with 1.5 mile run
-Alternating Burpees (no pushup due to slightly sore arms)-15
-Squat with a side turn (alternate sides each rep)-30 reps with 10 lb dumbbells *Squat down, turn to your right as you step your right leg back, return to front, stand to starting position. Repeat turning to left side. (stay in squat the whole time)
-Reverse Lunge with side kick – 20 each leg
-Plank jump in and jack out – 30
-Bicep curls (palms facing up) one leg balance – 15
-Jumping jacks – 35
-Bicep hammer curls one leg balance – 15
-Dips on exercise ball – 15
-Plank jump in and jack out – 30
-Dips on exercise ball – 15
-Squat jacks with hand drop – 30 *Start with feet together. Jump feet out wide and squat down, touching right hand to the ground between your legs. Jump feet back together and repeat, touching left hand to the ground. Each hand touch counts as 1 rep.
-Reptile plank – 20
-Banana crunch ins – 30
-Cool down and stretch

After finishing with sweat pouring off me, I hurried through my shower in order to recover with a nice and creamy smoothie. I found out what happens when you add cocoa powder to a protein pumpkin pie smoothie. It becomes even more delicious 😀

Have a good day everyone!