New Protein

Recently I posted about a few Sunwarrior protein products that I tried out. Well, they now have a new protein blend on the market, and the people over at Sunwarrior so graciously sent me more samples to try! Lucky girl I am 🙂 They must know how I like my smoothies.

Chocolate, vanilla, and natural are the flavors that the new Warrior Blend comes in. After a warm (although not as hot as usual 😦 ) yoga session this morning, I returned home craving a creamy smoothie. However, it is barely 50F outside….and rainy, so I knew cinnamon would be involved in the mix. Isn’t it weird how cinnamon makes you feel all warm and cozy inside even though you are drinking a freezing cold smoothie? Hmmm…just me?

Today’s smoothie turned out delicious. I combined a serving of the vanilla Warrior Blend with one frozen banana, one cup of unsweetened almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon. I really like the taste of the Warrior Blend. The nutrition stats are pretty awesome too. As opposed to their rice protein product, this one contains pea protein, cranberry protein, and hemp protein. Each serving contains 84 calories, 16 g of protein, and 5.6 mg of iron! The protein is also high in antioxidants, is easy to digest, and is a complete protein (meaning it contains all essential and non-essential amino acids).

I think I may like the Warrior Blend better than the original protein they carried. It’s a winner folks. Another great thing about this product? You receive a free t-shirt when you order it! To me, that’s reason alone, but the benefits of adding more protein to your diet isn’t bad either.

The chocolate and natural flavors will be tested in the next couple of days. I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled with the natural flavor of the rice protein product, so I’m a little hesitant with this one. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out though. And you’re right. The cinnamon didn’t warm me up so a hot cup of coffee immediately followed this smoothie.

Off to a busy morning before heading into work! It’s a certain someone’s birthday tomorrow, so preparations must be made 😀