Strike a pose

First up, let’s talk about smoothies (typical, I know). I mentioned the other day how I received samples from Sunwarrior to try out their new Warrior Blend protein. So far the vanilla has been my favorite. I also tried the chocolate, which was good, but I ended up adding cocoa powder to it in order to create a more chocolatey shake. Go big or go home. I like chocolate.

I also am addicted to smoothie bowls if you haven’t noticed. Mainly because I can top them with granola and fruit and eat them like ice cream. It’s not a bad way to begin the day 🙂

Moving on now to some yoga talk…

Has anyone heard of naked yoga? Umm…yeah, it’s actually a real thing. I, for one, would not be comfortable with this. I have enough trouble with keeping my focus sometimes, so I could not imagine twisting myself into poses, all the while being very aware that all my lady parts are on display. Not to mention that everyone else’s are out there for show as well. How distracting!

Recently, I read an article that listed all the poses that you wouldn’t want to do during a naked yoga class. It was spot on, and made me a little uncomfortable just thinking about it…

However, this did get me thinking about which poses I do enjoy doing. Fully clothed. With no hoo-ha showing.

Crane Bakasana

Dancer Natarajasana

Warrior III Virabhadrasana III

Reverse Warrior Viparita Virabhadrasana

Savasana (Corpse)

Ending every class with savasana feels so good. It’s the most relaxed I feel all day and I relish in it. In fact, sometimes this is how I feel as I walk into a yoga class 😉

Kidding (sort of) aside, I do have a few goals I want to reach with yoga. As I’ve said before, practicing yoga has challenged me in new ways that I’ve never had before. I love it. A few poses, which I’ve now learned are called asanas, I would like to accomplish are:

Astavakrasana – Right now I don’t even understand how this is possible.

Sirsasana (head stand)- This one I feel is in my grasp.

I’ll keep you posted about when I accomplish my goals. There are a ton of more challenging poses that are out of my reach right now too, but I’ll keep working toward them. I continue to see minor progressions with each class I take, which is what keeps me coming back for more. The thing I really like about yoga is that it’s your practice. No one else’s. It is your time on the mat to work at your level and continue to grow stronger. You make it your own.

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