Grilling sandwiches….Skip the butter


After a very indulgent weekend with family and friends, I was ready to get myself back on track this week. Minimal healthy eating took place over the Thanksgiving weekend and exercise took a back seat to shopping and eating. Although, I would argue that Black Friday shopping could count as cardio.

Since the weather has decided to give us three straight days of rain and cold, I have been craving grilled cheese and soup like no other. A run to the deli on Sunday left me with a buttery, however delicious, grilled cheese sandwich and a creamy soup. Sunday was still included in the holiday weekend so I went with it, and enjoyed every last buttery bite. I’m all for having those indulgent times, but with my constant craving for grilled sandwiches, I don’t want to load up on butter, bread and cheese on a regular basis. (Growing up I would have argued that last statement, as I used to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich almost daily as an after school snack. It was the first thing I learned to cook) So, I have found a way to enjoy my grilled cheese or other sandwiches in a much healthier way.

First, I recommend using a whole grain bread. Let’s have some nutrition with our cheese, shall we? Also, you can find many quality low fat cheeses that work just fine. I chose to go with Daiya cheese because, well, there really isn’t anything better when it comes to vegan cheeses.

So here’s the trick. Instead of using butter for the outside of the bread, substitute mustard! It gives the sandwich a slight kick of flavor and crisps the outside of the bread nicely. Experiment with different mustards based on what you like. The flavor wasn’t overbearing so if you aren’t a mustard fan, you don’t have to worry about your sandwich having a strong mustard flavor.

Tofu, Daiya cheddar, pickle, hummus, mustard on the outside. So good.

So as the Winter weather creeps in and the season of hibernating with soup and grilled cheese takes over, now you can have your cake sammie and eat it too!