Breakthroughs in Yoga

If you remember back to the beginning of October, I declared it as the month I was going to do more yoga. I was having some trouble dealing with stress and felt it was necessary to take some action to regain my inner peace. I have never given yoga a fair chance, although I have always wanted to. I have always wondered if attaining “yoga bliss” was actually feasible. So even though my original plans after deeming October the “month of yoga”, included monitoring my progress and writing a reflection post didn’t happen, I’m here today to offer some insight.

The month of October flew by and before I knew it I had made it through the month doing yoga 2-3 times per week. I have to say that I have tried many different workouts and this is one of the few that kept me coming back (not just because I paid for the month package). I found myself craving yoga after the first couple of weeks and would notice a difference if I wasn’t practicing. It is a strange, but good, feeling that doing yoga brings. I’m not sure that I’ve reached “bliss” per say (in fact, I know I haven’t), but I am more calm, more patient, and more relaxed.

I decided to continue on for another month and have now gone through two full months of doing yoga consistently. It’s very likely that I will keep practicing and hope that it continues to become more routine. Right now, the thing I like most about it is the fact that you make it your own. I believe I’ve said this in a previous post, but there’s no judgement and no failing. You work at your level and do what you are capable of doing until you become stronger, which you will. As a person who works out regularly, I was humbled walking into my first yoga class. It was hard and I was sore the next day. Now two months later, I feel stronger all over. Some of the poses and moves that I once found difficult aren’t anymore and I’ve moved on to making them slightly more challenging. What sparked today’s post really was a breakthrough that came about in my morning yoga class.

I FINALLY got up into a headstand!!!!

This is something I have been working on for a while. It frustrated me that I couldn’t do it before. I grew up doing gymnastics and cheerleading and still to this day do handstands. However, for whatever reason, I have not been able to pull off a headstand in yoga. Until today 🙂

This excited me beyond belief; so much that I could barely force myself to relax in savasana (usually my favorite part of class). I left on a high knowing that I let myself just do it. I didn’t over-think it, I didn’t hesitate like usual, I just pulled my legs above me and stood on my head.

Sometimes, things really are just that simple.