Tis the season to be stressed

My poor blog. Like an abandoned child, it sits here everyday waiting for someone to give it love and attention.

The hiatus is due to nothing other than stress coupled with laziness. Remember how I used to crank out recipes for y’all? Now I’m lucky if a frozen veggie burger gets heated in the microwave. Tofu scrambles and peanut butter sandwiches mostly make up my eating habits. Oh, and of course green smoothies. Creativity in the kitchen has become lost in busy days, holiday stress, and an overwhelming anxiety about my future.

What generally is my most favorite time of the year has become a source of anxiety. I know, in time, this too shall pass.

Repeat after me: Winter will NOT depress me.

Okay, now that that’s taken care of, we can get on with things. Let’s take a moment to remember all the good that did come out of 2011 as we ring in the New Year.

I started a new job.

I started freelancing.

I created a few new workouts.

….and we learned how to refuel our bodies after a workout.

We learned how to eat to maintain healthy, youthful skin.

I switched from vegan to vegetarian

I gave you a new burger

…and one of my favorite cookie recipes.

I went to Chicago for my second time

I ate a lot of granola (only to reinforce the hippie comments I get 😉 )

I listened to my body and decided that running wasn’t needed to get a good workout

….and I discovered the wonderful world of yoga 🙂

Lastly, another reason I have been away is due to spending Christmas in Disney World with the family! Yes, the land where dreams come true…..and where it is perfectly acceptable to run around eating ice cream cones, riding roller coasters, and wearing Minnie Mouse ears on a daily basis. Glorious 🙂

So, 2011 wasn’t so bad. I did end the year with the feeling that I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to so I have higher expectations for 2012. It’s my year. Bring it.