The No-Resolution, Resolution

It’s that time of year when gyms are packed, fitness equipment sales skyrocket, the last Christmas cookies get thrown out and people make (most likely) the same resolutions they did last year. Getting in shape, eating healthier and losing weight are the most common resolutions made. A few weeks later, they are also the first to be thrown by the wayside.

I was once that person. I’ve also had a lot of failed resolutions. Case in point, take a peak at last year’s list. Not too many that I actually followed through with. So, this year, my resolution is to not make resolutions. To live each day in the moment. Setting goals is good and all, but make them work for you. If you need help setting and tracking goals, contact me, I’ll help you.

This does not mean I don’t have goals that I want to work toward in 2012, it just means that I’ll be working toward them in a different way this year. There are many things, in fact, that I would like to see myself do this year, but with the way my life has gone, things always change. So, it’s likely that new achievements will happen and new goals will be set all the time. You’ll hear about them as they fall into place, but I won’t jinx myself by setting a bunch of resolutions right now.

Here’s to 2012. The year of no resolutions. The year of achievements. The year I kick ass 😉