Letting go

Savasana, a pose with the purpose of relieving tension while relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit. A pose where my yoga instructor insists that we close our eyes, clear our minds, and just..let…go.

To just let go. A simple sounding notion that becomes more complicated when trying to put it into practice. With my mind racing and thoughts unsteady, I can’t figure out how to “just let go” – to just be.

Much of what yoga teaches you is that through focusing on your breath and flowing through asanas, you become more relaxed and aware of the now. You focus on that moment, where it’s just you and your mat and your thoughts. You push past your comfort zone, challenge yourself in a new way, and just breathe.

Yoga has a funny way of creeping its way into all areas of your life. It’s like when the Karate Kid realizes that he got miyagi-ed with that whole wax on wax off stuff and wasn’t just learning how to clean a car. Similarly, when you begin practicing yoga, you realize that most of the time you can benefit from putting the techniques into practice in your daily life. Push past your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and just breathe.

If we refuse to push past our comfort zones, we keep ourselves from growing and becoming the people we are meant to be. It’s a difficult and uncomfortable thing, but the end result could be priceless.

So, here I am in life trying to close my eyes, clear the clutter and doubt from my mind, and just let go.