So that was some hiatus, wasn’t it? I would like to say that this channel has returned to its regular blogging schedule, but I don’t want to make false promises. Life has thrown a lot at me over the past couple of months and, in turn, has created the massive m.i.a. situation that has been occurring.

Here’s a brief synopsis for those that are wondering why I fell off the face of the Earth.

Let’s start with the new job that I alluded to in my previous post. It was a good change. It has proven to be a new challenge, a place where I can grow, meet new people and gain more experience. So, let’s just say I like the new gig. Obviously, with the start of any new job there are stressors. So, yes, this has been one cause of life-changing stress; however, there was also a breakup thrown into the mix around the same time. I debated on whether or not to even mention the breakup on the blog, but it’s a part of my life and is a part of why I am where I am and why I am doing what I am now doing. It needed to be stated in order to move forward. No one wants to have to talk around a big elephant in the room.

So, with that, the hiatus was due to my life being turned upside down, shaken around, and having the pieces fall all over the place.(Another person, who is definitely not me ;), wrote a pretty good blog post related to breakups and picking up life’s pieces. Finish reading this then check it out.) It has been an experience to say the least. However, sometimes having your life turned upside down offers a new perspective on the life you were living. Maybe it was good or maybe it needed a lot of improvement, but sometimes it’s nice to look at our lives from a different angle. Many times we become so focused on the little things that we forget to see the big picture of what is going on around us.

There is currently a lot of good in my big picture and I look forward to seeing what gets added to it.

Goal #1 for summer: continue blogging