Olympic Games Bake Off

What? You don’t just have an Olympic torch from the ’96 games lying around? Let the Office Olympics begin!

Now that’s an opening ceremony! I’m not sure what was going on during the real one last Friday evening…

The Olympics bring out the inner athlete in everyone. We begin reliving our “glory” days of when we played sports and suddenly become expert judges when watching that sport during the games.

Sometimes, it’s not about sports at all, but about sparking a little friendly competition wherever you can find it. In this case….

we had a bake off.

An abundance of leftover, very ripe bananas from the office fruit basket naturally led to trash talking about who makes the best banana bread. So, the challenge was set. Game on.


Brace yourself. I was defeated. Did you fall out of your chair? Yeah, I was shocked too. But,apparently that boy can bake!

Well done Andy.

Readers, don’t think I will be going down without a fight. There will be another round.