Set your life plan in sand.

I recently had the opportunity to see Amy Purdy speak. You may know her from the Amazing Race. She’s the one competing with two prosthetic legs. I was thrilled to be able to attend her event because she obviously knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles. To find out more about Amy, visit her website. Her story is absolutely amazing.

One thing she said during her lecture is a piece of advice her mom gave her. It was to “Set your goals in stone. Set your plans in sand.”

This has stuck with me and is something I have been thinking about and relating to my own life. It has become a perfect saying to live by. Many times we end up holding ourselves back in life because of a picture and plan we have imagined in our heads. The thing is, life happens and things change. Instead of fearing it we should embrace it because all of life’s detours lead you right where you are supposed to be. It may not be where you thought, but then again, it could be better than you have ever imagined.

I’ve had my doubts, worries and frequent anxiety attacks about life, where I was going and the fact that I’m not where I thought I would be. I doubted every person who said it would all work out for the better, that I was better off, or that “everything happens for a reason”. Drastic changes can leave a person feeling scared, alone and unprepared for what may lie ahead, but I’m stronger now because I faced those situations head on. I pulled myself through what was one of the lowest points in my life and opened my eyes to the new world in front of me. For the first time in a long time, I started to dream again and after the dust settled the stars began to align. Everything began falling into place and things and people came into my life at the right moment. Coincidences? Maybe, but probably not.

So, you may think you can prepare yourself for everything, but it doesn’t typically work like that. You can’t plan for everything and you shouldn’t. Things, people and situations are going to come into your life and can shake it up without notice. If we aren’t willing to adapt to the changes in our life’s course then we’ll never make it. The hardest part is accepting that things may not be the way you envisioned them; however, if you let it, it can be something wonderful.

Hold on to dreams, but be open to new paths.