So, you’re telling me I’m going gluten free?

In my last post I spoke about adapting to life’s twists, turns, detours and road blocks. We can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and pick up the broken pieces, but sometimes the stress of life’s changes can get the best of us. Anyone who has been knocked down in life knows that it can be hard to pull yourself back up again. With all the changes that have taken place in my life over the past seven months, my body hasn’t fully bounced back. Finally, after being sick and tired of being sick and tired all of the time it was pinpointed that I have developed a gluten intolerance. Immediately I craved bread, pasta and beer. It’s funny how when we are told we can’t have something, even if it’s something we don’t care to have that often, it’s instantly all we can think about. This, my friends, is why diets don’t typically work. Restriction is not the way to go.

Normally when it comes to a dietary change I welcome the new way of life and let it challenge my way of thinking and open my eyes to a new way of eating and cooking. This, for some reason threw me for a slight loop. Before, it was a choice I was making for my beliefs and my health. I chose to be vegan, I chose to be vegetarian, but with this, my body made the choice for me. I’m being forced to be gluten-free.

Like in my last post though, we must not let a road block throw us completely off course. So now, when my body is telling me that it can’t handle gluten, I have decided to embrace the challenge and I look forward to it sparking some new creativity in the kitchen. I’ve shared many of my vegan and vegetarian recipes with you and hopefully I can now show you how simple and satiating a gluten-free diet can be. Stay tuned for recipes, product reviews and tips as I learn about, and adjust to, a gluten free way of living.