Now that we are a week into November I guess I should officially announce and explain the start of OM-vember!

Everyone take a breath. For one full minute, just focus on taking slow, long, deep breaths. Wow, doesn’t that feel good? Now, let’s continue.

It’s no secret that my life has been a whirlwind over the past seven months and it’s likely that yours has been too (or will be with the upcoming holiday season). It’s easy to lose control. To be overcome and overwhelmed by the daily stresses we encounter. We all have them, so don’t feel you are alone in feeling this way. Whether it be work, kids, family, busy schedules, a new job, losing a job, relationship problems, etc., we all can get caught up in the tailspin of life and we forget to breathe. We forget to focus on all the good that is surrounding us in our lives.

Negativity breeds negativity and if you don’t control it, it will control you. So, I’ve decided to devote the month of November toward letting go. Let go of whatever is bringing you down or holding you back and focus on the things you can change and change them. The way I am doing this is by making the following a priority on a daily or weekly basis.

Express gratitude
Return to my yoga practice

By incorporating one or all of these on a regular basis, I already feel more calm after a week. Changing the way you think and the way you approach life won’t change overnight though. My hope for myself is that all of these things will become second nature to me after making them a focus for a period of time. They will become habits and a way of life.

So, welcome to OM-vember! Should you want to participate, I would love to hear how you are removing stressors from your life. Follow me on Twitter @trehops and tweet me with the hashtag #OMvember.