Let’s get this new year started

Somehow we are now almost a month into 2013, can you believe it? I’ve realized life may never slow down so I have to just roll with it and enjoy every moment.

How is everyone doing with their resolutions? The average person gives up on their resolution by the middle of February. So, if you are determined to reach a goal you have set, keep going! Don’t be average, you’ve got this!

Not being average actually plays into my own resolution. This year my resolution was more of a hope for myself. I told myself I would hold myself to higher standards, not settle on easy and live up to the person I can be in my relationships, in my career and within myself.

I have a hope for all of you as well. In 2013, don’t hold back. Let go of all the bad that may have been in 2012, focus on the now and allow yourself to experience all the joy that life has to offer.

Feel. It’s an amazing thing that we can experience so many emotions. Let yourself feel.
Love. The best emotion of all. Open your heart and share it with others. Life is too short not to.
Laugh. Life is better when you do.
Eat delicious food. Take the time to make and enjoy good food with great company.
Allow yourself to make mistakes. It allows you to grow, to learn and to become better.
Take risks. On love, on life and on you.

Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!