Save the Date!…Brownies

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” – Karen Carpenter
I think we can all agree on something – rain should not be allowed on Mondays. Mondays are hard enough without the dreariness of a rainy day bringing you down and making you want to pull the covers over your head and hit snooze until Tuesday promises something better.

Mondays require an extra cup of coffee. Mondays with rain, require brownies.

Clearly you have already guessed that these aren’t your typical brownies, but then again, I’m not your typical girl. With my vegetarian and gluten-free ways, I somehow have acquired the desire to have everything I eat contain a fruit or vegetable. Since I have yet to master the world of gluten free flours when baking, I opted out of using the stuff at all. I found this recipe on a paleo website, which I am not, but the idea of using dates to make brownies seemed like something I would do. So I did.

The simple and pure nature of these beauties make you feel good when eating them. No sugar highs, no crashing after eating one, or two, or three (I can’t help myself). However, you’re probably wondering how a brownie made out of dates tastes like a brownie. Here’s my disclosure: They do taste like a brownie, a healthy one! Are they as sweet as a typical brownie? Not at all, but it’s also not laden with sugar. Are they still chocolatey and satisfying and magical because they’re made of dates and don’t contain any flour and I still don’t quite understand how they turned out? Yes!! In fact, PaleOMG calls them Magic Brownies. You can find the recipe here.
Mondays aren’t looking so bad now, are they?

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