In Memory Of

War veteran.

Hard worker.

Family man, loving husband, father, grandfather and friend.

Today we pay tribute to a man who embodied all of these characteristics and more.

My grandfather knew no limits to the value of hard work and commitment, whether it be within his career, his family, or his marriage. He was a man who instilled the strong values that our family upholds today. He is a man that I had, and will always have, great respect for.

A year and a half ago we had the opportunity to share in the celebration of my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, which I wrote about here. To see the love between them throughout my life and on their anniversary has been so inspiring and so beautiful to watch. Together, they truly enjoyed all that life had to offer. Over the past couple of months as my grandfather’s health has declined, my grandmother has shown so much strength as she became the visual of “in sickness and in health, till death do us part”. I watched her as she cared for the person who was her rock and her world for so long. As February 14th rolled around, my grandma sat next to my grandpa and, for the last time, spent Valentine’s Day by his side.

As saddened as I am to say good-bye to this wonderful man, his legacy will continue to live on through the lessons he has taught us, the love that he has shared with us and the enormous impact he has made on our family. I am truly blessed and fortunate to have had him as my grandfather and I am proud to have been his granddaughter.

May you rest in peace grandpa and as you watch over us from above, know that you will continue to be loved and missed every single day.