Sunday Mornings with Tracey

Good Morning! Anyone else missing that hour we lost last night? So, while we are all dealing with the hungover, jet-lagged feeling this morning, keep in mind that it means later sunsets and that spring is just around the corner.

Today I’d like to share a lesson from my Om Vinyasa class yesterday. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and reflect for a minute.

Prayer does not change the situation for you, it changes you for the situation.

It’s inevitable. We are going to have things thrown at us in life that takes us off course and shakes us up a bit. Remember, God will not give you more than He thinks you can handle. I saw something on Pinterest (obviously) that expanded on that notion and added, “God must think I’m a badass”. Guess what? You are! We become stronger individuals from being shaken up a bit in life and we can pray that the situation will change, but really it’s us that will adapt, face the issue we are dealing with head on and find peace through prayer, meditation and reflection.

Happy Sunday!