Lose Something

large_127_hours_blu-ray_7The older I get  and the more I experience life, I begin to realize just how much of a self-centered, entitled, woe-is-me world we live in. We’re all guilty of it. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own world that it becomes all we think about and we soon lose sight of the big picture; the fact that a big world exists out there and that most likely what we let consume our thoughts and energy aren’t things that should be. Instead of thinking of others and how we can serve God and our community we walk around all “My heart is broken, my life is in pieces, my boyfriend/spouse left me for someone else,  I have debt to pay off, I lost my job, I can’t lose weight, I can’t find love, I’m not where I thought I would be in life, I’ll never find happiness…”

No. Stop.

We all have struggles and I don’t want to take away from whatever you are dealing with, but take a moment to really look around you and see the big picture. None of those life triggers that send you into a negativity spiral define who you are as a person. Not one. Yes, all the situations above and any others you want to add to the list suck, but they are not a reflection of you. So, your relationship ended and your heart is broken, but take a look at the situation again. Do you really want to be with someone who could hurt you like that? Chances are if they are capable of doing it once, they are capable of doing it again. The fact that a person treated you so poorly is not a reflection of your self worth, it’s a reflection of their character and likely unresolved issues they have.

So, you lost your job or you haven’t found love. The dates you have gone on, the jobs you have had aren’t the ones for you. Most likely if you were to try and force one of them, it wouldn’t work out and you shouldn’t settle anyway. When the time is right, the right one will come along. The more you stress about it and the more negativity you send out into the universe, the more you close yourself off from good coming into your life. “What we think, we become.”

Negativity breeds negativity and when you head down that spiral it’s hard to see a silver lining. If we continue to let our struggles consume us in life we won’t go anywhere. Yesterday in church, the pastor related the movie 127 hours (I recommend it if you haven’t ever seen it) to the struggles and trials we are faced with in our lives. The movie is based on the story of mountain climber, Aron Ralston, who ends up getting trapped by a boulder and has to amputate his own arm to free himself and save his life. What boulder is holding you back? Addiction, stress, money, self-hate, your career? What thing could you let go of in your life to set yourself free, to move forward, to let God in and to find peace? Life may seem tough right now as we all deal with one struggle or another, but don’t let it bring death to the spirit inside you.

Lose something to save yourself.