Embrace the stillness

Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.  – Lao Tzo

Since last week we spoke about losing something in order to set yourself free, I’d like to continue down that path. Today is all about embracing the stillness. Throughout our lives and the trials and tribulations we will encounter, we are bound to be thrown off course. Let us take the lessons of enjoying the detours and keeping our plans in sand and really focus on letting ourselves lose control. The thing you have to remember is that chances are whatever you are going through, someone else has faced it too – and survived. We are all going to fall in life, so let yourself fall with awareness and acceptance.

We often practice this very thing in yoga. We go into a pose with awareness of our strength and ability. We push and accept where we are. Let us do the same in our lives. Figure out where you are and hang out with it. Embrace it. Be still. It’s when we sit with this stillness that we really are able to listen. Maybe your life is shattering around you, maybe it feels like your world is ending, maybe you feel lost in the chaos of life – be still and listen. For someone who always wants to feel in control of my life, this concept is hard for me. Chances are though, there’s a reason things are unsettled right now. Your attention is being called for and until we relinquish control and put everything in His hands we’ll continue to remain unsettled.  He has a plan and purpose for you. Let us find comfort in this, rather than fight for control. Get out of your head and listen to what that plan is. It’ll be made clear when you are ready.