Is this Paleo?


Not too long ago, I was forced to watch my gluten intake. It was a hard concept to grasp, as the stuff is in everything. Until you try cutting it from your diet, you don’t realize how many products actually contain the wheat protein. It’s not just bread, my friends. I can’t complain too much though. Since celiac disease and gluten intolerances have become more common, there are a plethora of substitute products. However, you know me, I’m not a prepackaged, processed food type of person anyway. Creating delicious, good-for-you foods in my own kitchen is what I do.

One of the resources I turned to in this time of wanting snacks and baked goods was my paleo peeps. Let me state that I am not paleo. Being a vegetarian doesn’t make that lifestyle very easy. These people are crossfit loving, hunter gatherer eating, caveman lifestyle living, hardcore-determined individuals. They also know how to make a damn good brownie out of nothing but fruit, nuts and other paleo-approved foods. After falling off the wagon on my recent trip to Florida, my stomach was feeling the effects of my reckless, gluten-eating self. So, once back home I knew I had to cut out the addicting stuff and get back on track.

I have found that it’s best if you fake your way into getting yourself back on a healthy eating plan. You need to trick yourself into thinking you are still indulging, when really you are feeding your body delicious and nutritious meals. Since I had gotten myself on a bread kick, I decided to bake the paleo banana bread recipe from PaleOMG. I give this girl credit, this recipe is awesome. This is actually the second time I have made this and it is so good. You will never know that you aren’t eating any flour! Nuts, bananas, eggs and a few other ingredients and BOOM, it’s like I’m still in vacation mode. I’m not even ashamed that I devoured the loaf in only a few days. It’s that good and good for you. Try it.
And, yes, it is paleo.