Independence Day

Red White and Boom
Independence Day, a day to celebrate our freedom as a country. A day to celebrate being an American.

This year I have taken it a step further and have allowed the holiday to take on a slightly different meaning. This year, I am celebrating my independence, my freedom. As I prepare to turn 30 in a couple months, I find I am constantly reminded of how single I am. It’s easy to get caught up in the loneliness of singlehood as I prepare a meal for one, go to the movies (one please..) or stroll around town watching others hand in hand. Holidays naturally bring all the couples out of the woodwork and today they are embracing each other to watch the many 4th of July firework spectacles. Well, today I decided to embrace me.

Today was about celebrating my independence. So, without concern for anyone else, I slept in, I went shopping, I treated myself to frozen yogurt, smiling at the couples sitting in the shop, I tuned into some fireworks and I toasted my freedom.

To others in a similar situation….CHEERS! Happy Independence Day!