The end of the dry spell

Friday night.

Catching up with a close friend.

A whole bottle of wine to myself.

It happened.

The dry era has ended. RIP non-drinking days 1/1/12 – 2/17/12


Saturday morning I remembered why I gave up drinking for a while.

A good friend coming to town, whom you see twice per year, is a perfect excuse to get the wine back out. With so much catching up to do, there’s no better way than sharing some good wine, good food, and good company. Come the next morning, I definitely could have done without the wine. All in good fun though, right?

We woke up early and sweated out the damage from the night before in a, much needed, hot yoga session. It was nauseating and refreshing all at the same time, but felt so much better afterwards.

We’ll see if this rekindles my weekly drinking escapades or not. But, let’s be honest, sometimes you just need a night of hashing things out with a friend. These days they are sometimes hard to come by, but the beauty of a true friend is one with whom you can grow separately without growing apart. Someone you can go without seeing or talking to for months (or years) and then pick up right where your friendship left off when you reunite.

A good friend and a good bottle of wine is much cheaper than therapy.