Q. Where did the name for the blog come from?

A. My name is Tracey, but a few people call me Tre (pronounced Tray) so that’s where the blog name originated. Let’s just say it’s a working title 😉

Q. What’s your background?

A. I am a graduate of Miami University (go Redhawks!) and have a Bachelor’s of Science in Health and Sport Studies. I have since expanded on that and received my certification as a Certified Health Education Specialist. I have always had an interest and passion in health and wellness so most of my blogs will be around topics in that realm. However, I am also a twenty-eight year old who is still trying to find her place in the world so I’m glad you are here to follow me on my journey 🙂

Q. How long have you been a vegan?

A. I have played with the idea of being a vegetarian for many years as I have never really liked eating meat, however I never thought I could live without dairy or seafood. I finally decided to go all in and figured it didn’t make sense for me to refrain from eating meat, but to still indulge in dairy products. So as of January 2010 I officially became vegan and it’s a decision that I have never regretted. It has helped open my eyes to a whole new world and a whole new way of living, eating, cooking, and thinking about the planet. I am now devoted to eating more whole foods and cutting out the processed, hormone-laden foods that I was consuming before. If you are interested in becoming vegan or are skeptical about the way of living, check out my “Vegan Myth” blog series. Hopefully it will help answer some questions that most people have about the vegan life.

Q. Have you always liked cooking?

A. I have always liked to bake. Baking was my way into the kitchen and I was always looking to recreate familiar recipes and make them healthier and better for you. I usually liked to cook , but would get bored of making the same old stuff all the time. Since becoming vegan, my cooking has expanded exponentially and now it’s one of my favorite pastimes and have found that it helps to relax me after a stressful day. I love trying new recipes, creating my own, and sharing all of the adventures with all of you!

Finally, I am always open to questions or suggestions for blog topics. If you have a question about anything on here or would like to see a topic discussed, please feel free to contact me 🙂