Turning over a new leaf

Lately, my life has become pretty unbalanced. Just when I think I have a handle on things, I feel it all start to fall apart. We all feel like this from time to time and it initiates an emergency reaction to grab hold of anything and do what we can to control it. However, what I continue to learn over and over is that it’s in these time of falling apart that we actually begin to come together.

So, this past weekend was spent doing a lot of reflecting, a lot of self-realizing and a lot of spiritual healing. There’s no sense in worrying about tomorrow. All we can do is have faith that everything will work out and live for the here and now. Cherish every moment with every person that you encounter. You never know who’s life you will touch or who will touch yours.

A friend and coworker lost his mom over the weekend. It was sudden and unexpected. Please send your prayers his way and let it help open your eyes that every day is a gift.

Along with turning over a new leaf, I am ready to start getting back on track, practicing what I preach and treating my body better. It is not something to hate, but something to enjoy, take care of and be grateful for all that it can do. I’m running a wellness program at work and because I have been stressed out, I haven’t been the best role model. Now, with four weeks left, I have made a pact with a friend to eat better, work out more and blog about it. Many people are curious of what I eat or how to make nutritious and clean food. I’ll try to post more recipes and I think you’ll be surprised that I don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking. I like to when I have time, but let’s be honest, who has time during the week?? We’re all busy people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fuel your body with healthy food.

Summer is a great time for fresh produce. The abundance of in-season fruits and vegetables is amazing and because they are in-season, they tend to be less expensive this time of year. I generally turn into a zucchini practically by the end of summer, so you will more than likely see a lot of this veg in my cooking.

First up, an unusual dinner for me. I don’t know what came over me, but somehow I ended up coming home from the grocery store with a container of tuna. I don’t even remember the last time I had tuna. Anyway, at that point it was in my cupboard so I decided to go with it and use it as the protein addition to my zucchini pasta. If you haven’t used zucchini in place of pasta, I strongly recommend you give it a try. Or, if you still want a little of the real thing, do half and half!

I create zucchini ribbons with my vegetable peeler.

The addition of a light drizzle of this stuff makes for a light, summery dish.

Throw in some add-ins, fresh ground pepper, cook and serve! (Please excuse the photo, it does not do this simple healthy meal justice)