The Challenge Finale

Happy Friday Everyone 😀

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already! ( I know, I said that last week about it being five weeks)
So, today was the final day of “the challenge”. I completed my one-minute push ups one last time. Here are my results:

One-Minute Push Ups = 32 push ups!

I actually kept going after the minute was up and ended up doing a total of 50 push ups! Check out my week one results. I started at doing 24 push ups in one minute. So over the six weeks I added eight push ups to the one minute. Not a huge increase, but still an increase overall. Also, there is no way that at week one I would have been able to keep going and do 50 push ups.

So, the point of this whole challenge was to see if eating a vegan diet would build strength over time compared to a high protein, animal based diet. I think my results show that over the six weeks I did build strength and improve. Eating a vegan diet gave me enough energy from plant proteins and carbohydrates to sustain muscle growth and development. I have more energy, my digestion has improved, and I am able to power through my workouts. I would definitely say that my experience with a vegan diet so far has been a pleasant one. It has been a life-changing decision and I very glad I made it. So for all of the critics and skeptics out there, check out the six weeks of the challenge and let my results be your proof. A vegan diet provides you with enough energy and stamina to workout, build strength and see results. If my experience isn’t enough, check out all the amazing vegan athletes!

Have a great weekend everyone! I’m off to a Relay For Life tonight and a 5k Run With the Pack race tomorrow morning 🙂